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If you own an aircraft and would like to put it to work for you, reducing your flying cost and taking advantage of potential tax savings, wed like to talk to you about leaseback opportunities.

When you leaseback your aircraft to Thunderbolt Air, we add it to our rental fleet.  You will receive most of the hourly rental rate paid by our customers (we keep a small amount of the rental rate as a management fee).  Although you will be responsible for maintenance and insurance costs, these costs are tax-deductible (you will essentially be running a business by participating in the leaseback arrangement).

The leaseback formula works like this:

Monthly aircraft revenue

                   Less (Thunderbolt Air Management fee)

                   Less actual maintenance and parts costs from

                             billed work orders accrued on a monthly basis

Less insurance premium (pro rated from Thunderbolt fleet policy)

                   Less hangar or tie down fee

                   Less actual fuel and oil costs


Net amount is due the aircraft owner by the 10th of the following month.

Thunderbolt Air pays all sales taxes collected from the rentals of the aircraft.
This program works and is fully supported by the US Tax Code and the IRS.

For more information on aircraft tax and other issues, please refer to the following website:







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