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Pilot Finance, Inc.

All of the Pilot Finance, Inc. current programs are designed for flight students on a part-time training schedule -- one to five flight lessons per week. Flight lessons can average up to 2 hours of aircraft rental and 3 hours total instruction. Programs can accommodate almost all part-time training.

INTEREST RATES. Pilot Finance effective rates are as low as 9% for Preferred Customers who have a reasonable debt-to-income ratio and a good credit record.

HOW MUCH CAN BE FINANCE? The maximum amount financed is limited only by the applicant's income, debts, and credit record. The amount financed is the Total Program Cost less the standard Cash Down Payment of $250.

FOREIGN TRAINING AND CITIZENSHIP. At this time Pilot Finance does not offer financing through schools located outside of the 50 United States. Normally, applicants that are not U.S. citizens will require a U.S. co-borrower with an established credit record.

HOW TO APPLY. Ask the Thunderbolt Air Manager or your flight instructor for an application. He or she can answer all of your questions. The approval process takes just 24 hours. Pilot Finance will try hard to find a way to approve EVERY application.

AOPA Flight Training Funds

Now you can apply for financing for your flight training, whether you are a student or working on your upgrade. The AOPA Flight Training Funds account can help you earn your wings! Use the account to pay for a rating or certificate program, or just to get the additional hours you need to feel safe and comfortable in your aircraft. You can also use your account to pay for aircraft rental, instructor fees, books and supplies. Or anything else to make your training successful, the choice is yours, you control how and where you use your account.

Predictable payments, no annual fee, no collateral needed, renewable source of cash, credit line up to $25,000, rates as low as 8.99% APR.
Call 888/628-7700 for more information.






1030 E. Highway 377 Suite 110-107
Granbury Texas 76048
(817) 579-8573


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